Post-Baby Health and Fitness

It feels so great to be back on a regular {blogging} schedule and not have to deal with blog design issues.  Phew, that was not an easy task, although it was fun and allowed me to have a creative outlet.  So now I know without a doubt that technology is not my friend and next to administration it is one of my lowest gifts...or more like, non-existent gifts? Haha.

I have to say--I am finally satisfied with Fit for the Soul's new design and I hope you guys will be able to navigate through it without any glitches! 

Easter Weekend


As cliche as it sounds our Easter wekend was such a huge blessing.  Looking back to just a few years ago I can see how the Lord has transformed our family.  He definitely turned our worlds upside down and allowed many transitions to take place, and the result has been nothing short of amazing because for the first time ever our entire family celebrated Easter in a Christ centered way. 

Heck, it was probably our first "official" Easter celebration. :)  Without a doubt, He works all things for the good of those who love Him. 

On a slightly different note, it's safe to say that Selah enjoyed her weekend.  Sure, her nap schedule was way off which led to her being quite an unhappy little gal by the end of Sunday, but she had a blast looking at her cousin Daniel hunt for the eggs that uncle "Gweg" hid in his yard!  Remember when he was this little?!  He is and always will be such a cutie in my eyes.

My Health and Fitness 10 Months After Baby

I feel like I've been so privileged to be able to breastfeed because breast is obviously best for baby.  However, I also feel like breastfeeding has contributed a good amount to my ability to shed all of my pregnancy weight.  But that's not to minimize all the hard work I've put into my body through consistent exercise and healthy eating. 


*Ahem, sorry about the gross mirror.  Didn't realize it was so dirty, hah!*

I realize that there are countless of inspiring women out there, especially in the blogosphere, who have stayed fit throughout and after pregnancy.  Some of them have accomplished so much more than me in that regard, so instead of a "i got it all together" brag please take this as an encouragement.  Deal?!  Deal. :)

No matter where you are in terms of your fitness and weight loss journey, remember that slow wins the race.  Be encouraged that you don't have to become a Victoria's Secret model 1 month after giving birth.  Steady and consistent changes to your diet and workouts will get you there.  I cannot emphasize enough the fact that HIIT workouts that range anywhere from 15-20 minutes a day, 5-6 times per week is all it takes to make long-lasting results actually last.  On top of doing quick (but intense) workouts that allow me to enjoy my time with Selah, I've been trying to stick to my usual eating philosophy.  Eat clean 75-80% of the time and leave some wiggle room for the rest--or as I like to call it, the unknown.  I remember back in my ED days I had meltdowns in my mind whenever someone "messed" with my schedule and meal times, because that meant my whole week would be ruined.  I am so thankful that God has brought me out of that and now I know what true health looks like! That's why I choose to not restrict myself because believe me--traveling through that downward spiral is the last thing I want to do.

But let's face it.  We all want feel good, look good, and be healthy to some extent, right? And that's why I want to encourage you to take baby steps so you don't become burnt out or obsessed to the extent of an ED. 

I really don't do anything special aside from the fact that a lot of my workouts are completely wacky!  I mean, lately I've been using socks to strengthen my abs, hah!  (more on that on another post) My regular go-to routines are just like the short workouts I post on the blog, some yoga on alternating days, and maybe jogging at the park with Selah once a week.  One noteworthy difference in my post-baby mentality is that I have been making more of an effort to fit fitness into my schedule, rather than focus my schedule around it, and I think that has rendered better results for my physical and mental health. 

Less stress, less burnout.  Boom.

Whether you are a new mom or a college student on the way to getting a career, remember that fitness is here to serve you and not the other way around.  I highly recommend that you try doing quick and intense workouts and see how you feel as you go.  You can do this!

In what ways has your fitness philosophy evolved over the past few years?

What are some obstacles you're trying to overcome in order to get healthy, lose weight, tone up, etc.?


Bloglift and Newness Ahead

Hey there!

Umm it's pretty obvious that things are different around these here parts, and I apologize if Fit for the Soul has been driving you batty with all the changes!  Trust me, those changes left me with a less-than-full set of hair.  Well, figuratively, of course. :)

I recently decided to pinch my nose and dive into the deep scary oceans of blog transfer.  The whole process of moving from Wordpress to Squarespace was not as simple as I thought it would be--partly because I still have much learning to do when it comes to computer technology, and partly because there are several things I wish I would have known beforehand in order to avoid jumping to and fro from hurdle to hurdle. 

Please don't get me wrong though.  I am loving a lot of things about Squarespace!  I just have to get used their ways and accept the fact that your name will not be clickable when you leave a comment. Insert BIG HMMPHH.  So please, pleeeaaaaase!  IF YOU HAVE A SITE/BLOG, DO NOT FEEL SHY OR ASHAMED TO ALWAYS LEAVE YOUR LINK "WWW.______.COM" AT THE END OF YOUR COMMENTS!  I truly believe that blogging is a lot about building and finding your own niche of community, and what better way than to make yourself known so others can find your beautiful site?  Also, if you are a new reader then I'd love to check your site as well and I wouldn't be able to do that without your specific URL.

So, would you guys bear with me as I go through these not to earth shattering but still notable changes?  You might still notice little tweaks to my layout, design, and all that good stuff over the next few days, but I promise I am still me and I'm still here to connect with you. 

I don't talk about it much on the blog, but I am a lover of creating art in some shape or form and I have always been a perfectionist when it comes to that subject matter.  Heh, wish I could put that perfectionism to use with other things, like keeping a squeaky clean house, if you know what I mean?  So I constantly find myself having to tweak something about the aesthetics whenever time allows (even if it's 2 min. here and there) and end up second guessing if I love it or hate it.  Hah!  I'm sure some of you can relate.

And with all that do you like the new layout?  Do you have any suggestions? 

Also, I feel content--errr more like very content--with the updated pages on the navigation.  If you have time please check out my about, recipe, and fitness pages.  They are finally organized and much more reader friendly. 

Come to think of it, I guess this bloglift goes right along with the newness that Easter brings, in a sense!

Now with my blog-vanity (new Ellie term) aside...I hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend and may God bless you and your family!  Like I mentioned before, whether or not I know you personally, I often pray for your well being and for blessings to flood into your life.  Wherever you may be in life keep on looking forward because God's best is ahead.  Right there just around the corner. :)

What are some blog transfer experiences you have?  Do you use Squarespace?

How are you going to spend Easter weekend?


Get Healthy and Lose Weight: How to Get Started on a Plan

Today’s post is all about ideas to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and slim down while you’re at it!  I was inspired to write this post by two individuals:  a friend who specifically asked me to make a {loose} plan of healthy meals and workouts, and Aimee Song of Song of style.  Ahem, whom I had the pleasure to meet last week, ahem….Say what?!  But more on that at the bottom of the post, hehe.

Anyway, people I know ask me for dietary advice quite often even if I’m not an RD, but I still felt so honored that someone wanted a detailed plan and was willing to put in some hard work!  So pretty much every meal and snack I feature in this post is an idea of what I eat regularly—unless it’s a semi-healthy dish or just plain indulgent—then I always leave some wiggle room and “let loose”, haha.  Most of you know that my philosophy is most definitely not crash dieting, because for most people that can lead to future {extra} weight gain and mental burnout.  Not to mention, it’s a surefire way to get yourself an eating disorder if you’re not careful.  As crude as that sounds it is an heartbreaking problem our world is facing today.

Like I always say, what works for my body might not work as well for yours, but I eat in a manner that is 75% healthy+25% lenient.  This way I can enjoy everything I eat without ever feeling restricted.

 The pictures make it rather self explanatory, but if you’d like more details please feel free to ask!  You can find the strawberries and coconut cream smoothie and cajun mac ‘n cheese recipes on the links.  Of course, I wouldn’t want you to get the impression that I eat like this everyday.  I would say that it’s a great way to start and then taper off into more leniency, kind of like the polenta and nutritional yeast crusted chicken we had last night….Let me tell you though, it was a good one!

Meeting Aimee of Song of Style

Like I mentioned earlier, I got to meet Aimee last Thursday evening!  She was hosting an event at the Beverly Center Ann Taylor store in honor of Kate Hudson’s black dress creation.  I literally drove there last minute because Greg offered to watch Selah and got there 15 min. before the closing.

I am so glad I got there late because the crowds were gone and I had Aimee all to myself.  We surprisingly were able to talk about many things like prayer, blogging, healthy living, and staying in shape.  Since Aimee’s work requires her to stay in shape and slim, she mentioned that she needs to start eating better and exercising.

Thus, I felt inspired to hopefully motivate others to pursue a healthier lifestyle not only for weight loss, but also to live a more fulfilling life.  Meeting Aimee and her sister Dani was such a pleasure, and seeing Aimee’s humility in her field of work is so inspiring!  You don’t see that very often, right?

Have you met bloggers whom you’ve “hoped to run into someday”? 

How do you incorporate healthy meals into your day?  Are you all or nothing, or somewhat lenient?

Which fashion blogs do you love?