So Tomorrow...


I will finally become a graduate of 2011!!! :D


I'm just crossing my fingers that I passed my killer Historical Linguistics class ay ay ay.  But, let's not talk about that class for now.

Back to the graduation!

There's another reason why I'm so excited, and it's because Greg's parents (Sharon+Russell) are coming to celebrate with me.

It is such a great blessing as they've come all the way from Kansas so that they could be there tomorrow EARLY in the morning.  At 7:30 a.m.  Oh yes, I'm not kidding here.

Although, I have to admit that despite my excitement, my mind is not fully grasping the notion of graduating--everything seems sort of surreal. Well, I guess the fact that this week has been filled with last minute assignments doesn't really help much either, hehe.

I hope you guys have a marvelous day tomorrow and I'll be back soon with updates!

Until tomorrow morning I'll be...

1.)  Making overnight oats!

(That's not actually a VOO, it's hot oats.  Using your imagination is required here.) :P

2.)  Washing up

3.) Going delirious

4.)  Being thankful to God for all that He is and has done

5.)  Hitting the sack.

Grace & Peace,

Ellie <33