Get the "Scoop" of the Week!


Hi friends!  How has your week been? :D My week has been rather sweet and enjoyable with some awesome people.

For one, I got to run with Greg the other day and it was a hot and fun run!  I think it was approximately 2.5-3 miles long.  Remember?  I basically measure the distances by Mapquesting it, so it's never 100% accurate.  Sometimes, I actually drive through the same route and check the distance that way too.

Guess what guys!  Finally the G-Man is starting to muster up the "courage" to drink my tasty, healthy fruit+veggie drinks!!! Wahooo!

Post-run, he quenched his thirst with this beautiful homemade juice:  beets, carrots, apple, orange, kale, ginger, and lemon.  I simply used what was already in the fridge.

We spent last night taking a stroll at the park and ate at a Korean restaurant called Jinga.

I can't think of a more refreshing and satisfying meal than the summery noodle dish Mool Nengmyun.

It is basically a cold broth (with ice) that tastes subtly sweet and tangy.  You can flavor it with some Korean spicy mustard and vinegar.  Traditionally, Koreans eat it when it is really hot out!  If you go to Korea you will see people eating Mool Nengmyun practically everywhere.

And get the "scoop" on whom I hung out with on Saturday!

It was none other than Sophia for the second time around.  This time she invited me to grab some ice cream with her at Scoops, an ice creamery located in L.A.


Scoops is a quaint little shop that stands out you can barely see in L.A.'s boonies.  Okay it wasn't the boonies, but it sure felt like it! :P

You have been warned!  This particular location is in the most random area that you can think of.  It is right by a Mexican eatery with a huge cow in the front--so if you happen to miss it, you will know why. :P  Or just look for that cow.  Can you spot it in the background? Haha.


Their flavors rotate throughout the week and there is a different one each day. They give out free samples of every flavor (there's only about 8 in this location) because every single one of them is truly unique!!

I mean...where else can you get ice cream that's titled Brown Brown Bread, or Salt Kissed Chocolate?!  I heard that they also carry bacon and goat cheese/fig ice cream!  Crazy right?

Sophia got the Pistachio flavor which was really tasty, along with the Brown Brown Bread.

Although Pistachio is one of my favorites, I opted for the Brown Brown Bread and Hazelnut Tangerine.  This was a truly delicious combo in my honest opinion!  I also like that their ice cream isn't overly sweet or full of preservatives.

Sophia wanted to show me around Culver City because I've never been there.

So we ventured out and walked around downtown for a few minutes.  I had a church service to be at and so I left earlier than anticipated.

Thank you so much for yet another great time girl!

It is amazing how connections can be made anywhere around the world--even through blogging--and  I'm so grateful for this new friendship.  :D

Oh and by the way y'all!

Greg and I are sure that the first venue we checked out for our upcoming wedding isn't the one!

However, we have an appointment set up for this Tuesday with the coordinator of this gorgeous place!!!!  Franciscan Gardens is found in the heart of historic San Juan Capistrano.

I have seriously been "drooling" over it as have my bridesmaids and MOH.

Greg seems to really like this place and is pretty stoked as well.  The prices seem rather steep, yet affordable compared to other venues I've checked into.

We are planning on meeting with a few coordinators and then go from there.  Hopefully we can discuss about some good prices and deals?  ;)

Every time I think of how far the Lord has brought us together, I cannot help but trust that He truly has great plans!  His plans are actually greater than what I could ever dream up.

Have a blessed and productive Monday, and take care y'all!

What is your "ideal" wedding venue?  Garden, cathedral, beach...?

Have you recently experienced one of those "wow I can't believe how far I've come" moments?

If you've gone through the wedding ordeal, what are some things I can say to the venue coordinator for extra favor? :) If you know what I mean? ;)

Grace & Peace,

Ellie <33