Playing Dress Up at the Dress Shop!


Happy Saturday y'all!  :) This morning was more slow paced and quieter than I thought, considering that I had a breakfast meeting with the MAD CLUB early in the AM.

Yes!! The MAD CLUB (Making a Difference Club)  is finally starting up again this season!

Since some of you aren't familiar with the posts about volunteering, I'll give you a brief overview.

This awesome club was started in the heart of Santa Ana--an inner city that is infested with gang groups.  The children in this area struggle a lot when it comes to school, social activities, and even having something simple and basic-- like a hope and a future.  Basically, their dreams are taken away by the limitations that society imposes on them, as well as the situation they find themselves in.

We volunteers have the opportunity to show them Christ's love through Bible teaching, snack sharing,  playing, as well as helping them with their homework after school.   Although not every one of them comes to have the exact same beliefs, the principles that the MAD CLUB has adopted can never hurt their lives nor their future.  If anything, they would only help the kids perform better in school and their future careers (not to mention, life).  After all, these are honorable principles to live by since they are rooted in the Word of God.  :D

If you happen to live around Orange County (CA) and have an aspiration to change a child's life in Jesus' name--perhaps even hundreds of them--then may you pray about this God-given opportunity.  Not only will you help these children become better students, but you also will help them know their self value and self worth.  If  you so feel inclined, then don't be shy and please drop me a word or two about this opportunity! :)

Dress Shopping

After lunch, my friends Emily, Susan, and I went to look at some bridal gowns.  *gasp*!! I know!! It was such an amazing, and dare I say, a strange experience? :P

Our first stop was David's Bridal.  I did not have an appointment for this shop, so we just looked at the different styles of gowns they offered.  So the dress fitting here will be our next trip!

Now...I truly truly wish I could show you the dresses that I liked, but I'm afraid that will have to wait.  Perhaps a few several months.

However, we did also look at some bridesmaid dresses and we had the most difficult time deciding between this color..

And this lavender...

Tres cute, don't you agree? ;)

Afterward, we took a breather with some Tutti Fruti frozen yogurt before our second stop.

I know, what kind of bride-to-be would eat a bunch of dessert before a fitting?

Beats me~~! :P

Next up was The Dresser in Downtown Fullerton.

This place was definitely easier to browse through since it had more of a boutique atmosphere to it.  I find that small shops like The Dresser are less overwhelming than say, David's Bridal.  Although, the employees at David's seem to be very friendly and helpful as well, so that would be a plus.

I am sure you're curious why I look like I sucked on a lemon!  Haha.  Obviously the photo cannot capture how I truly felt at the time, but while I was super excited for the dress fitting, I was also extremely nervous!

I think it was the whole "attention" thing from all the other families, who were sitting around staring at me.  It's all good though, because I need the practice for the wedding. :)  I've got to learn somehow right?'

I tried approximately six dresses today.  Most of them were hip-hugging and although they were very beautiful, they didn't seem too much like "me", if that makes sense at all.

The one that all three of us just loved was a strapless, empire waist, layered gown.  It felt really snug and soft, which is a rare for a wedding dress.  We all liked it because it had an innocent look to it, and the style was simple yet playful/elegant.

By the time 5:00 rolled around we were all exhausted and ravenous!

Fortunately, Emily had a Groupon to DX Peruvian Restaurant in Santa Ana.

The food was simply delicious and definitely memorable!  The bread was hot and crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.  Mmmmm..

We ordered a Seafood Ceviche as the appetizer. It was so good that I need to remake this at home.  The juice was citrus-y and the seafood was fresh.

The portions are rather large, so we decided to share two entrees.  The left one is a Lomo (beef) stir fry with fries, and the plate on the right is a traditional dish called Saltado. 

In a nutshell, Peruvian cuisine is very eclectic with spices.  It rends subtle earthy flavors that just create a party in the taste buds.  It's also great because they have everything from vegetarian, to lots of beef, chicken, and fish.

I highly recommend this place for amazing Peruvian cuisine, and I will definitely be going back! :D

I hope you guys are having a beautiful weekend filled with blessings and deep revelations!  I always like to have some "epiphany" or revelation, especially if it helps me to see life from a different perspective.

If you have shopped for a bridal dress, did you feel somewhat nervous (of course excited) as well?

My favorite ethnic cuisine these days is/or are ________.

If you like to volunteer, do you normally find yourself with children/older people?

-I like to work all the way from kids to the elderly, but I'm more used to being with kids.


Ellie <33