A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Pictures do tell a great story depending on the interpretation of the one looking at the picture.  Due to that fact, this post will contain tons of photos.  Don't say I didn't warn ya! ;) I'll start off with some of the many many many things that made me smile today!


In the mix:  oat bran, almond milk, water, vanilla, chia seeds, frozen blueberries, cottage cheese...all whipped up to perfection!

The toppings include Artisana coconut butter, raw cashews, Maranatha honey almond butter, and Nature's Path Organic Ancient Grains granola (leftover from the bridal shower!).

And a side of Yerba Mate.  One of my fave drinks!

I'm loving Maranatha's honey almond butter!  'Twas one of the cheaper almond butters at the store, and although I got the "best arm workout of the year" trying to stir it up, it was totally worth itDo give it a try!


Such a delicious and nutritious lunch.  I went ahead and made the vegan garlic cheesy sauce from many months ago after a long hiatus!  I used it as a spread on Rudi's Spelt bread, which happens to be super soft and scrumptious.  The website offers coupons so if you're wanting to save some money, just print it out under "Promotions". :)

Post Workout Protein

After today's workout, I fixed myself a bowl of protein powder mixed with water and almond butter, which is hiding underneath. :P  There's cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, cinnamon, and more coconut butter!  Uhhh can you tell I'm hooked on those combinations?

Engagement Photos!!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Seriously....I believe that these shots depict how much we love and appreciate each other, no?

I haven't seen all of the pictures as of yet, but here are some of the ones that we've seen thus far.  Sit back and enjoy!

James is so incredibly good at what he does!  I mean, not only does he take amazing shots and gets the best angles, but he's so gifted at working with people.  I'm guessing a photographer would have to be!  However, James has that "mojo" that helps one feel at ease.  It just seems so natural to him.  Hence, he started us off with coffee in a cute little cafe to help us loosen up a bit.

One of my faves.

Love this angle!

Here we were asked to frolic and prance up the stairs. Haha!  Can't wait to see those.

And of course, Facebook profile-worthy picture. :)

Our photographer's company is called Perpixel Photography, and I'm so glad that my friend introduced us to them.  If you're in the LA or Orange County area, I highly suggest that you consider James for your next big event!

After all, don't you think that these pictures tell a thousand words?

Let's play a game!  What do YOU see in these pictures? :P

How have your professional photography experiences been?

What food product are you raving about lately?

Have a blessed day,

Ellie <33