How a Daily Green Smoothie Has Changed my Body


Hey there!  How’s life treating you this week? Things have been fun fun fun around here thanks to Greg’s parents visiting for a couple of days!  Unfortunately, they are leaving either today or tomorrow so I’m trying my best to soak up the good vibes till my cup runneth over. 

I’ll keep this post brief but hopefully detailed enough.  Detailed about what, you ask?



I began the challenge exactly 22 days ago and concluded yesterday.  My take on “eating beautifully” entailed adding a kale or spinach based smoothie to my everyday diet.  The goal was to see how I felt as the days progressed, and through it all I was able to see small yet noticeable results in my overall health and physique (at least in my opinion, hah!).

To you, it probably sounds like a challenge that every food and fitness blogger in all the land would have tried in the past…but I have to say, it was surprisingly fun and full of unexpected results!  And to be quite honest, I didn’t really know what to expect or if I would even be able to keep up because Selah keeps me plenty busy.

Things didn’t go as smoothly as planned since I skipped a couple of days due to being out and about, but through it all I learned that goals don’t always need to go perfectly smooth!  It is okay to bend the rules of fitness and health because that’s just how life is…unpredictable.  We can’t always have 100% control over how we take care of our health or what we eat or drink, but we can always do our best.  I mean, you wouldn’t expect me to bring my blender with me to a spontaneous Bible study, right?

So this is the outcome of adding a green smoothie to my day so far, all according to my own observations as well as my mom’s—who wasn’t even aware of the dietary changes which makes this even more legit:

  • Clean and vibrant skin.  If there were such a thing as the SKIN PATROL my mom would be it.  She isn’t afraid to point out the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to my skin.  Well, even if I have one tiny and insignificant pimple she would shamelessly point it out, but that’s another story…haha.  Each time we met up over the past 3 (ish) weeks she mentioned how bright and alive my skin looked, particularly my face.
  • My craving for pastries and chocolate is still there, which I honor every now and then.  However, the late afternoon sweet tooth that hits me like the bullet train is much easier to tame once I guzzle down a smoothie.  I realize the main reason I get those cravings is because I need energy and my body naturally gravitates to sweet junk food.  So when I take in those natural sugars from a green smoothie the cravings subside…and all is well!
  • In addition to the regular practice of HIIT workouts and yoga, adding one green smoothie a day seems to have slimmed me down a bit and has tightened my stomach and upper body.  I don’t own a scale and I have no idea whatsoever what my current weight is!  But the way I feel and the fit of my clothes are a good gauge for me.
  • The lack of energy around 3-4 pm isn’t so bad anymore, thanks to the nutrients and refreshing taste of a cold, icy smoothie.
  • Although I absolutely love green smoothies, it’s not always easy to have one readily available.  However, I’m definitely reaping great benefits from this practice so I’ll keep going for as long as I can/want.  I do not want to make this about rules and feel like “omgaaaashhh my life is ruined” just because I can’t always be consistent.  And interestingly enough, as small as this change may seem, I have learned that a fulfilling and pleasant life doesn’t come from having strict food regulations.  On the contrary, it is a lot more about being balanced and well rounded in every aspect of life.
Open-mouthed smile
Open-mouthed smile

Well, I hope my experience of “eating beautifully” for 21 days has inspired you at least a little bit!  I guess the theory has some truth to it.  Give yourself 21 days to form a habit because it might just stick!

Have a blessed day, guys!

I’m curious to know….did you join this challenge or add something healthy to your diet recently?  How was it?

-I know my sister has been following it herself, as well as my little nephew!  She’s been adding spinach to his school lunch and he’s been loving it.  Yay!

What good habits did you pick up in your healthy living journey and are practicing to this day?

-After coming back from India missions in 2010 and becoming inspired by food blogs, I started to eat lighter breakfasts that still keep me full—like oatmeal, lightened up french toast, yogurt, etc.  Before I used to eat Korean BBQ practically every morning.  I don’t think that’s particularly wrong, but I just couldn’t digest my food and was in a constant haze.


Ellie <33