The Blog

Hi, I'm Ellie and I so appreciate that you took time to visit Fit for the Soul!  This blog documents healthy and {sometimes} not-so-healthy recipes, body transforming workouts, trails of deep thoughts, product+restaurant reviews, and fun captures through the camera lens, which I affectionately call 'my baby'.  

I hope Fit for the Soul will motivate you as we embark on this journey to wholesome & balanced living!  I aim to lead a simplistic yet inspiring life to those around me...starting from the inside out.  As we take care of our inner physical and spiritual self, we will undeniably reap the benefits to a fulfilling lifestyle!

The Loves

My husband {Greg} and I have been married for 2 growth-filled years and we honestly couldn't be any more different from each other--a fact that I deem to be one of the most fun aspects of our marriage!  My real baby {Selah}, not my camera, is my daughter whom you'll see here from time to time, and I hope her little quirks will have the same happy effect on you as they have on me!

The Story

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I learned to appreciate the beauty of language and culture.  I truly believe that being one of the few Korean kids at school has made me stronger and more sensitive to people in general.  I also happen to think that the delicious food Argentina's vibrant culture had to offer shaped me into the foodie I am today. 

Even though I considered the years of my youth to have been sweet and carefree, there were a few thorns on my side that I learned to carry throughout a large part of my life, including my teenage years in the states when I immigrated at the age of 12.  That thorn is a nuisance that is probably far too familiar for many of you, and that is the lack of self esteem and a skewed body image

Although I had a relationship with Christ from an early age, that didn't keep me exempt from life's struggles because life is still life!  The only thing that changes our circumstances is faith and perspective.  If you think about it, isn't that how the "walk" is, after all?  Filled with mountain tops and valleys?

Then fast forward to later years.  Greg and I met in college in 2008 and you can read more about the beginning of our relationship here!  You can also read about our engagement story, our beautiful 75%-ish DIY wedding in 2012, the day we found out we were expecting, and Selah's birth on Father's Day.  Whooo!  That's a lot of milestones back-to-back, and I feel so fortunate to have experienced them all!

Now my only hope is that you'll stick around, so we can build relationships and inspire one another.  Thank you for reading this far!